“What can I say that hasn’t already been covered? This little Vietnamese joint makes a mean Pho! The regular size is gigantic. The portion of meat is pretty generous, and it’s loaded with noodles. The  traditional flavors are only enhanced with a touch of Sriracha, hoisin sauce, hint of lime, and all the basil. My GF sidekick ordered beef fried rice, and let out a big “Mmm!” during the first bite. I tried it as well, and thought it was the best fried rice I had tasted in a while. Despite feeling stuffed beyond belief, I also ordered the avocado boba shake. I hadn’t had one since my days of New England dwelling. Seeing it on the menu made my eyes light up. It didn’t disappoint. I’ve dined in and carried out. The food was ready 15 min earlier than quoted, which was a nice surprise. Everything was packed to perfection, and the heat kept.”

Mel L.